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Tiffany Hardy, LMT

Hi and welcome! Whether we sit at a desk 8 hours a day, run 7 miles, or pick–up heavy things and put them back down, we abuse our bodies daily. And unfortunately, when we do these things, we can injure ourselves and injuries can prevent us from doing the things we love and enjoy. I have been a massage therapist since 2004, practicing in North Dakota. My clients have ranged from the office manager to oil field worker, and athletes of all ages. I have always had the drive to help and through the science of bodywork, massage therapy has allowed me to do just that.

During the past 13 years I have completed thousands of hours of training and practiced a variety of therapeutic methods. When asked what type of massage I do, the word that best describes my style is therapeutic. My specialties include therapeutic, deep tissue massage, sports, and prenatal massage. If you've ever had a massage, you know exactly how rejuvenating the experience can be. Whether you are experiencing headaches, migraines, frozen shoulder, back pain, auto accident or sports injuries, I truly have seen a wide range of grievances. Massage therapy supports your body in relieving pain, help heal injuries, improve circulation in your body's soft tissue, and relieve stress, increase relaxation, and aids in the general wellness. The work completed in each session with me will build on itself. During your session, I will focus on your core issues to increase range of motion, decrease pain and inflammation and help prevent further injury. My clients benefit from my functional approach. For example, my massage sessions typically include active and passive stretching, exercise instruction and discussion of the importance of nutritional support. I look forward to meeting you and appreciate the opportunity to help you regain your freedom to do the things you love.

Tiffany Hardy is the owner of Pure Pressure and was first licensed as a massage therapist in 2004. Tiffany grew up in and completed her massage therapy training in Rapid City, South Dakota and has lived and worked in the Bismarck -Mandan area for 5 years. Prior to moving to Bismarck - Mandan Tiffany owned a massage therapy business in Williston, North Dakota. 

Off the Clock

In her spare time, Tiff enjoys the outdoors. She plays softball, is a runner, cyclist, wakeboarder, snowboarder and backpacker which allows her to relate to clients at all levels of fitness and athletic ability. Tiff volunteers with Furry Friends Rockin' Rescue and Brave the Shave, an event supporting children with cancer. You can also find her at the dog park with her dogs Brooks, Thor and Essie who are all rescues.

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